Virtual office in Milan: the advantages!

What are the advantages of using a virtual offices service in Milan?

Some are really obvious, others are less common and of great importance. Take, for example, a company that wants to open a branch in Milan or who wants to launch a business. What are the prices today for opening an office in Milan? Better yet in the center of Milan? Doing the math is easy. Office rent, security deposits, administrative expenses, electric, telephone, ADSL and Wi-Fi lines, air conditioning connections, furnishings etc.

You don’t need an expert to understand that for renting an office in Milan you have to talk about some tens of thousands of euro, without considering the costs and time related to searching the right building in the right location. In all this we haven’t mentioned whatsoever one of the most significant expenses: the employees!!! No matter how small the office you want to set might be, but often at the expense of your image, you would have to have at least a secretary and/or receptionist to handle incoming calls, appointments agenda, correspondence, emails, incoming and outgoing faxes, arriving guests, contacts with suppliers, clients, banks etc.

And what if the secretary were to get sick? Or during her holiday leave? Various permits, marriage licenses or maternity leave? You either stop most of the work or you search for a replacement that, nevertheless, would have to be backed up since she is a new employee of the company. Or take the freelancer that might be a salesman, a consultant, a lawyer, an engineer etc., to reduce costs he could manage without an office of his own and a secretary, but what would it all mean?

Today technology with its notebook, iPad, iPhone etc. comes to our help, but sometimes it is not enough. The most problematic thing is that of having to manage yourself the telephone calls from your own clients or suppliers or information requests. Very often, these calls come in not quite appropriate moments, maybe even when you are busy with an important client, or in case of lawyers, in the middle of a hearing. You can always insert your voice mail or turn of your mobile phone, but your image?

How can you overcome all this? Obviously by using a virtual office service in Milan, or better yet by using our virtual office services in Milan. In fact, you can choose from a wide range of alternatives specially designed for every requirement, that go from the simple allocation of a virtual telephone number to more complete services where the telephone service in Milan is combined with a business address, a fax number, a registered office in Milan and some hours to use one of our elegantly furnished offices that allow you to receive guests in complete tranquillity and to render the virtual office the least virtual possible.

Let’s see our proposals one by one. For different requirements you can always contact us and we will study together a package suited to your requirements.